I am an economist/data scientist currently affiliated with Cornerstone Research. Previously I worked as an economist at Amazon. I received my PhD In economics from Columbia University in 2022. Prior to graduate school I worked as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve.

My research interests lie at the intersection of public and  labor economics. I have ongoing projects on welfare reform(s), the impacts of natural disasters on communities, and the effects of the L-train shutdown in New York City. See my Research page for more information.

I have written programs to help economists do research in Python, including most recently a package to do propensity score matching and stratification. All my packages are found on the Software page, or by following me on GitHub.

Prior to beginning graduate school, I worked at the Federal Reserve Board, where I did research on monetary policy uncertainty (MPU), among other topics. While I no longer do active work in macroeconomics, I maintain several datasets of interest for researchers. MPU data can be found on my Data page.

For inquiries, feel free to contact me at: lfh2119 [at] columbia [dot] edu.